Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just because it's busy and cheap DOES NOT mean it's good

It's August 10, 2011. The day after I appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show to promote my new book Yo Cuz! My Life, My Food, My Way and my online cooking show that debuted last month, Yo Cuz The Italian American Cook which can be found on my website and With that being said yesterday was a long f*^king day and I figured today would be the best day to cheat. on my diet and my workout and eat whatever I wanted to for a change. So I asked the concierge at the hotel that I'm staying at what is a GREAT and I did say GREAT place to have breakfast and I was referred to a place on Sunset and Crescent Heights called The Griddle Cafe.

Keep in mind in no way am i biased to a place because of its location or the exterior. When I walked in, the place had a cozy vibe. A bar to the right and additional seating to the left. I had a seat and got a menu half the size of the enclyopedia. There was everything from Breakfast to dinner. What was great was that breakfast was served all day. So in full Martorano fashion I ordered a few different things just so I could taste, mostly all of what I ordered was recommended by my server as top sellers.

Ok I ordered alot of food and common sense would tell the server to not bring it all out at once. Shit I was wrong not only did he bring it all out at once but when there was no more room on the table to put another plate he handed it to me.

I ordered the following:

Benedict y Papas - 2 Poached eggs over ham and potato skins topped with a homemade hollanidaise sauce.

The potato skins were undercooked but the eggs and the sauce were ok not good but just ok.

Moms French Toast - Egg cooked bread Griddle cooked to perfection. Mom's old fashioned way.Topped with powdered sugar and whipped butter.

The french toast has to be one of Mom's best. It was good. The toast was griddle cooked to perfection and the whipped butter brought everything together perfectly.

Ham and Cheese Omlette - It explains its self

When I say the quality of the ham was as close to plastic as it could be. TRUST ME as simple as it sounds was horrible.


Ham, Bacon, sausage links and french fries

I was not expecting half the pig- It was cold as ice when it came to the table, so was the sausage links and the bacon. Not only was the bacon cold but it almost tasted like paint thinner. The french fries surprisingly was decent.

Lets just say the next time I'm in LA I will not make it my business to go to The Griddle Cafe and I don't suggest anyone looking for a quality meal to either but if you don't give a shit about the quality of what you eat and you just want alot of food for a small amount of money Cuz you've found your place.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

YO Cuz The Italian American Cook

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yo Cuz! The Italian American Cook: Episode 2 - Old School Roasted Peppers

Check out my new online cooking series at "Yo Cuz! The Italian American Cook". This week I'm teaching you how to make homemade roasted peppers, the way my grandma used to make em' Yo Cuz

Monday, August 1, 2011

Do you think you know me????

Do u know me? Do u think u know me? Do u really know who I am? Until u read my autobiography Yo Cuz: My Life My Food My Way you will never really know me. I'm the person just trying to pay his bills. I'm the person that the world keeps saying no to but I say YES. I'm the person that life keeps knocking down but I keep getting up. Who am I. I AM HOPE. The Steve Martorano story.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Yo Cuz: My Life My Food My Way

This is the first book of it's kind, a cook book/autobiography. It gives you the background story of a guy who could've easily turned the wrong way, growing up cooking for the Philly mobsters but then using this talent to become a successful business man and acclaimed restaurateur now cooking for the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. He doesn't hold back when it comes to telling stories of his family life. And how he took a smart business idea from doing a Godfather night at his dads place in the 70's, and made it a huge success in his restaurants today.
This book is a true testament to who Steve Martorano is and what he's about. Holding on to his dream and making it happen, taking the punches (like his idol Rocky Balboa)and never giving up. you will learn the about the man behind The Cafe Martorano brand and how he took his favorite passions; food, music and movies to turn it into a mecca for people who love to have a unique dining experience. Steve and Son spin and show their favorite movies while the patrons eat his world famous meatballs which he put "on the map" , a simple pizzarea item is now his specialty and rated "best in the world"...

His inspirational messages throughout the book will motivate you to find yourself or perhaps follow your dream of opening your own place or it can just inspire you to find the joy in cooking for family and friends, with SIMPLE COMFORT FOOD COOKING.
This book is a tribute to his mother/grandmother and their culture and Italian American values and what she gave her family from their love of food and amazing family secret recipes from her Sunday night dinners.
" YO CUZ,"the S. Philly hello what's up..So YO CUZ is a must read!